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A new approach to real estate

Who We Are

Link provides a service unlike any other brokerage. We bring state-of-the-art technology to an outdated industry, revolutionizing the way brokers, agents, and clients collaborate. The integration of our platform, cohesive brand, and comprehensive digital support maximizes efficiency and facilitates new levels of growth. 

Our mission is to empower agents, buyers, and sellers to achieve their goals by leveraging the power of technology. Our platform is designed to support people, not replace them.

Our Focus

Simply put, we focus on people. Years of industry experience brought to light the many flaws and inefficiencies that hinder productivity and relationship-building within real estate. By understanding the needs of the agent—and how satisfying those needs activates a better client experience—we’re able to bring people together in ways that haven’t been done before.


With our platform, buyers and sellers are quickly connected with qualified agents and can effortlessly browse or list. For our agents, our cloud-based brokerage streamlines transaction and task management processes and creates more time to build meaningful relationships with clients. Our aim is to equip all parties with the digital tools necessary to be more efficient and make a bigger impact.

Digital Presence

Agents are provided with Style Guides for all digital assets, along with baseline tools for digital/physical promotional material in order to keep a cohesive brand. Additionally, we offer the highest quality photography, videography, and VR applications so homes can easily be showcased, and we integrate MLS into agent portfolios.

Dynamic Support

Digital Managers work alongside agents to provide technological support and ensure successful transaction coordination and digital presence. Agents have access to our entire technology stack and all future integrations to constantly improve the efficacy of their work.

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