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To best serve home buyers and sellers, we understand that agents need the proper tools and information. Link gives agents a platform that streamlines every aspect of real estate, from transaction/document management to getting a house on the market with in-house photography, termite inspections, home inspections, website builders, and more.

Our solution

A Tech-Supported Brokerage

Link is a cloud-based, full-service brokerage offering all the perks of a standard brokerage without the large splits or hidden fees. Our technology is built to support agents in every step of the transaction process, enabling them to spend less time with meticulous tasks and more time building relationships with their clients.


Full CRM from lead management to full marketing tools. We use machine learning to tailor the marketing directly to what you want and works for you even better.

Task Management

Your TC will add tasks that need to be completed and you will be able to track them through a SCRUM series.

Calendar & Messaging

Stay in contact with all other parties and your TC through the messaging. Set important events and dates for you and the other parties.

Transaction Management

Easily track all of your open transactions in one spot. Upload and manage all documents that are relevant to the deal. Manage, notify, and track all other parties when they have documents to sign.

Commission Management

A dashboard where you are able to track all income for the year, current deals that are opened, and total sales

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